Seamless collection of tattoo tips for professional tattoo work

 Tattoo tips are today available in three different variants namely stainless-steel tips, plastic tips and hybrid tips. Each of these tips have their unique benefits in terms of use, durability and styling.Many tattoo artists use steel tips, together with steel grips. These steel tips are made of different stainless steel alloys, they not rust and supposed to be reused many times, but have to be sterilized before being used next time.

PLASTIC TIPS Plastic tips made of different plastic materials and used also with steel grips. These tips are disposable and cannot be used a second time. Disposable tubes are popular for their convenience. Every tattoo Artist knows what it takes to clean small size tips end! Using disposable tips is the greatest advantage to eliminate difficult cleaning part of your daily work. After each use plastic tips have to be discarded .

For those artist who still feel that plastic tips does not exhibit the same qualities as steel tips, there are third variant of the tips: HYBRID TIPS (PLASTIC & STEEL) Hybrid tips made by molding plastic and steel together; The body pipe is made by plastic, end of the tip made of the steel. These tips are also disposable but at the same time offer the best of both worlds-convenience and steel tip quality. All three types of tips could be: DIAMOND TIPS

ROUND TIPS FLAT TIPS DIFFERNCE between ROUND and DIAMOND The difference is in the tips end; Round tips end is shaped as round form and diamond tips end is shaped almost like a small triangle. According to Eddie Tana, a blogger with a tattoo supply company, there is two points here: First, the diamond-end tips hold more ink. Second, they are more stable when tattooing with the needle placed at different angles. However, Ray Webb, author of "Tattoo Needle Primer", says that any stainless steel tip should only be used when tattooing solely in black. Couse the metal from the tips can discolor colored ink.