Autoclave class B standard 18L

Three Times Of Pre-Vacuum Sterilizer Autoclave with Printer Adopts European B standards. It can sterilize solid, hollow and porous instruments, be they wrapped or unwrapped. This sterilizer creates a vacuum, thus removing air from the load prior to the chamber being pressurized with steam. This can be done one to three times depending on the cycle selected. This technique allows faster and more effective steam penetration throughout the entire instrument load. Sterilization time is more faster 10-15 minutes compare to ordinary autoclave. Product Features? 1. Class B autoclave 2. Automatic running 3. Adjustable sterilizing time 4. Quickly sterilize 5. Can keep temperature for next quickly sterilizing. 6. Vacuum test, B&D Test, Helix test passed. 7. Easy to maintain 8. Easy to operate. This Autoclaves meet and exceed all requirements of EN13060, making them absolutely future-proof. Capacity: 18L Temperature: 121/134 ?C 1 Year Guaranty. All spare parts are available. ICS02

Price: USD 2.70