Rely + On Virkon surface disinfectant ICD03

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Rely + On Virkon, high-level surface disinfectant is suitable for disinfection of equipment and surfaces that transmit infectious diseases in many environments. Rely + on Virkon is proven to be effective against 20 viral families, 43 species of bacteria, many fungi strains ( HIV, hepatitis B and C, MRSA, VRE, Salmon Swine flu, Legionella and norovirus). Prepare appropriate amount of tepid water with the help of the numbers in the table. Add the right amount of Rely + on Virkon and stir until the powder has dissolved. 10g Virkon + 1 liter of water 50g Virkon + 5 liters of water 100g Virkon + 10 liters of water Approved by the Medicines Agency. 500g / bottle Dosage spoon included. 1 bottle is enough for 50 liters of ready mixture!