Mosaic Permanent Make Up Machine P-91

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Mosaic Machine from Biotouch uses both ROUND and FLAT needles. Mosaic powerful, noise free rotary motor provides ultra-smooth operation. Runs at impressive 10,000-rpm, to provide a smooth and efficient result in a shorter amount of time. The machine is designed to move the needle strictly up and down to provide even pigment deposit. The Mosaic and the Merlin are those rotary machines on the market with a design that rotates up and down. The needle motion delivers accurate and effective procedure without building zig-zag lines. All machine parts from the motor down are pre-sterilized and disposable to eliminate cross contamination. Precision Needle is convenient 2 in 1 combination- base and needle piece that will easily attach to the transmission shaft and needle sleeve. Front Casing: Once twisted on over the needle assembly, the pentagon shaped opening on the front casing effectively seals and resists any back flow of water or pigment, and therefore, no chance of cross contamination of fluids. The needle sleeves protect the needle and ergonomically shaped to reduce slippage and extended comfort for the hand. The Mosaic comes with a metal sleeve which can be autoclaved (sterilized), or pre-sterilized disposable sleeves can be used.
Kit comes with a foot pedal for hands-free speed control and power plug, sample of needles and cups.