Eyelash Extensions

Increase your business with quality eyelash extensions

 Ashta offers wide range of eyelash extension products including Silk Lashes, Mink Lashes, Crescent Tip Lashes, L-Lashes, Y & W-Lashes, Individual Eyelashes, Color Lashes, Strip Eyelashes, Cleanser, Glue, Remover, Accessories, Tweezers, Eyelash/eyebrow care and so on. We put effort, time and detail into selection of each of the product on out site. Every single product has been quality tested by the professionals. These products are good for beginners and professional technicians as our set of extensions features a lot of products that will assist you attain the best results.

Browse through this category to know detail information about eyelash extensions products we supply here, at Ashta.

Featured Products

Acrylic Eyelash Extensions Hand Pallet
€ 8.00
€ 7.80
Neicha Eye Make Up Remover
€ 9.00
Magic Eyelash Curler
€ 16.00
Hot Brush Eyelash Curler
€ 17.00
COQ10 Anti-Wrinkle Gel Patches
€ 15.00
Magnifying glasses with LED light
€ 20.00
Magnetic LashPad
€ 20.00