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An extensive range of tattoo accessories for your professional tattoo kit

Ashta Europe carries the  collection of tattoo accessories online. Ranging from soft tattoo bandages which are light, comfortable and self-adhering wrap, plastic spray bottles, squeeze bottles and tattoo machine sleeves, we have an extensive range of products to offer our professional tattoo artists customers. Our  line of tattoo supplies, will surely meet all your tattoo requirements and specification. As a one-stop shop tattoo suppliers, we do understand your business needs and strives to provide each customer with all necessary products.

 Browse through our page to learn more about our products and accordingly place your order for accessories that you require for your studio! T-200
Squeeze bottle
Squeeze bottle for Green Soap or other similar hygiene liquids.
Not Autoclavable.

Available size: 250ml, 500ml
Option Price/pcs Qty.
  1 pcs  
250ml 3.50
500ml 5.00 TICW02
Sharps Container 2,5L
Dispose all sharps properly to ensure your and public health and safety

Size: 2,5 liter

Price: 8.00 € (Excl. VAT) T-202
Aluminum Spray Bottle
Features comfortable spray grip and adjustable nozzle.
Choose different colors on your spray bottles to contain different liquids in them: antiseptics, soap, water etc.

Available in different colors.

Volume: 250ml

Price: 2.00 € (Excl. VAT) T-203
Light for Tattoo Machine
LED light helps while tattooing. Easy to set up:
* Unscrew the Front Post.
* Hook the light hole on the screw that holds the Front Post.
* Tight the Front Post back.
* Hook up the other clip of Light to the clip cord
(as on the picture)
The light will only go on when the foot pedal is pressed down.


Price: 8.50 € (Excl. VAT) T-204
Tattoo Machine Sleeve
Surprising Little invention protects your knuckles while improving depth control.
Machine rests on the back of your hand and transfers the weight from your fingers to the surface that saves your wrist and hand. Depth control is maintained because your hand, not fingers, keeps the machine in position. Depth control now is controlled by your hand instead of your eye. Your hand can slide freely keeping the same depth. Position of the machine on your hand determines depth.

� High temperature stability
� Autoclavable
� Inert
� Softness Range
� Chemically Resistant
� Compression Resistant

Material: silicone
Available colors: black, red, green, blue, yellow


Price: 4.00 € (Excl. VAT) T-205
Cleaning Brushes
5pcs brushes in different sizes for your tips, tubes and grips.

Material: nylon/stainless steel


Price: 4.00 € (Excl. VAT) T-206
Tips Holder
Holder has place for 24 tips
Helps to keep your tips in order to find easier the proper one.
Measures: 188mm x 24mm x 12mm
Hole diameter x depth: 8 x 7,7mm

Material: Acrylic

Price: 5.50 € (Excl. VAT)