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Exclusive Collection of Professional Permanent Make up needles for safe and easy tattooing process

Ashta Europe offers a wide collection of permanent makeup needles that are available in different needle sizes and configurations. The most common configuration in which our tattoo needles come includes round, flat and magnum. Round configuration needles again come in two sub-variants namely Liner and Shader. Different configuration needles offer different implantation pattern. Generally, the best way to evaluate and select an appropriate needle configuration is by testing each needle and learning the one that best fits your requirement. However, here at Ashta Europe, you can select from our wide collection of needles once you have figured out what you want for your a studio.

So, if you are a professional looking for needles of specific configuration, you have come to the right place. Depending on the techniques and style in the application you can choose to buy needles of your choice. Each of the needles we offer here on our online store is pre-sterilized and ready to be used for procedures. Made of high-grade stainless steel, these needles are safe tattoo accessories that can be used for your fine tattooing work. At Ashta Europe we offer standard needles that are suitable for varying tattoo machines and techniques. We offer permanent makeup Needles which include special needles, traditional needles, cartridge needles, and hand method needles. Check out our collection and purchase needles that best suit your a requirement.