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Good quality digital power supply units for smooth tattoo machine run

Looking for brand new tattoo power supply system for your professional studio? Well there are tons of power supply systems that you can select to use. Every power supply system offers the same thing, a controlled flow of electricity from the attached system to the tattoo machine. This enables a much quicker process of tattooing than that done by hand. We at Ashta Europe have a good collection of tattoo power supply that fits your budget and requirement. These power supplies sourced from reputed manufacturers to provide you tattoo power supply units at affordable price. Our Heat dissipation good, and environment friendly tattoo power supply delivers good power to the machine it connected to. Units come in a full range of larger digital tattoo power supplies, that comes with clip cords, power cords and foot pedals.

Tattoo machines can’t work without good power supply. However, tattoo power supply unit have all the features required to operate your tattoo machine easily without any hassle. With high-quality tattoo power supplies, you can focus on your works of art without having to worry about your tattoo machines functionality. We ensure our power supply provides enough electricity to your machine for it to run smoothly. Ranging from digital LCD tattoo power supplies to LED power supplies and rechargeable wireless power supplies, we have a wide variant of collection for you to select from. Using power supply ensures professional artists like you are able to work without any problem at your studio. T-120
Rechargeable Power Supply with Wireless Foot pedal
Professional foot pedal is crafted in heavy duty, polished stainless steel and features a non-slip rubber pad for comfort. Large 360 degree pedal has continuous mode- tap on and tap off function.

The rechargeable battery in the power supply unit provides constant power, even without power outlet. The foot pedal uses a 9v alkaline battery and it can be plugged in if the battery runs out.

*Lasts for 8 hours
* Input AC: 100V-240V,
* Output: 1-16V
* Wireless range aprox. 50 meters.

Rechargeable Power Supply
Wireless Foot Pedal
Power Cord

Price: 700.00 € (Excl. VAT) T-123
Mini Tattoo Power Supply
This Mini tattoo power supply in a small Aluminum shell is light and solid in size of cigar case. Made with elite technique.
It is applicable for all kinds of tattoo machine and a perfect tool for tattooist.

Input Volt: 100-240Vac 50/60Hz
Input Volt Range: 90 264Vac 50/60Hz
Input Current: 1.5A max
Output Volt Range: 0-18Vdc 2%(can be set as need within the range
Output Current: 1.5A (max)
Size: L10cm x W7.0cm x H2.5cm

Weight: 150g

Price: 40.00 € (Excl. VAT)