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High quality special grips for professional tattoo work

Looking to get good tattoo grips for an easy  flawless tattoo work? Well tattoo grips often come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials, providing professional tattoo artist with plenty of options to choose from. In case you aren’t really comfortable with stainless-steel grips or aluminium grips you can alternatively choose to purchase special grips like the silicon grip or nylon grip for tattooing. We at Ashta Europe offer special grips that are designed for a comfortable and convenient use.

We offer tattoo special grips sourced from some reputed brands of the industry and supply them to you at fabulous price range. So, no more sore or cramped hands during or after tattooing process with special grips like these. Check out our full line of tattoo special grip supplied to you online that shall meet your needs. We have an extensive range of special grips in all different shapes and sizes. Our products have been carefully selected and sourced to suit the needs of a diverse range of tattoo artists. We at Ashta Europe are continually on a search to find and offer you the best product for your professional work of art. Purchasing products from us, you can be rest assured of its quality and durability. T-110
Silicone Grip cover
Grip cover that fits 25mm grip.

Material: Silicone

The grip is not included

Price: 4.80 € (Excl. VAT) T-111
Nylon Grip
Nylon Grip

Diameter: 25mm

Price: 6.00 € (Excl. VAT) T-112
Nylon Grip
Nylon Grip

Diameter 25mm

Price: 6.00 € (Excl. VAT) T-113
Nylon Grip
Nylon Grip

Diameter 25mm

Price: 6.00 € (Excl. VAT) T-114
Ergonomic Tattoo Grip
Designed for use by right and left-handed artists.
Textured Non-Slip Surface.
Can be steam-heat sterilized.
Length: 57mm
General width: 25mm

Price: 14.50 € (Excl. VAT) T-115
Ergonomic Silicon Rubber Grip Cover
This ergonomic cover best fit with 22mm and 25 mm steel grips, giving you whole 35mm grip without adding extra weight on it. Comfortable and
Can be steam-heat sterilized.

Material: Silicon rubber

Price: 6.50 € (Excl. VAT) T-116
Silicone Rubber Grip Cover
Available Diameter :
22mm 25mm
Best fit with 16mm,18mm, 20mm grips
Can be steam-heat sterilized.

Material : Silicone rubber
Option Price/pcs Qty.
  1 pcs  
22mm 5.63
25mm 5.63 T-117
Grip with Silicone Cover
Silicone Cover made of 100% silicone, it is non-toxic.
Very comfortable to work with.
Can be steam-heat sterilized.
Comes with steel grip, tube, 2pcs grip screws and LN-key.
Length: 50mm
Diameter: 22mm, 25mm
Option Price/pcs Qty.
  1 pcs  
20mm 5.60
25mm 5.60